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Socialight Media Ltd. is the leading Digital Media Solutions provider in Kenya. We help companies meet their business objectives through digital solutions and platforms.

Technology has changed the way stakeholders engage with organizations. Our work is to enable you, our clients, to engage and build relationships with your clients by transforming your business into a social business.

“A Social Business is an organization designed consciously around sociality and social tools, as a response to a changed world and the emergence of the social web, including social media, social networks, and a long list of other advances.”

“Today, by combining social networking tools – internally and externally – with sophisticated analytic capabilities, companies are transforming their business processes, building stronger relationships among their employees, customers and business partners and making better decisions, faster. This is what makes a social business – embracing networks of people to create new business value and opportunities.”

We understand You

We understand that Digital Media Solutions are conduit to achieving business or organizational objectives. We provide a Holistic Approach to adopting and integrating emerging technologies across all departments and branches. We study your business objectives ranging from marketing, sales, public relations, branding, reputation management, customer care, customer relationship management, product development, to communications and then advice on strategy.

Digital Solutions

Our Digital Media solutions comprise Social Media Strategy Formulation and Implementation, Social Media Policy Formulation, Social Media Monitoring and Analysis, Training, Hiring, Website Development, Social Media Management, Blogger Advocacy, Mobile App Development, Online Advertisement, Online Video Ads and Online Reputation Management

Experienced Team

We have a very young and experienced Team that will deliver above par and on time on any assignment. Our Team comprises accomplished Digital Media experts, Web and Application Developers, Graphic Designers, Animators, Editors etc. Our work speaks for itself both in Kenya and across the continent.